I am passionate about serving the companies and people in the business ecosystem. I want to help companies function as living beings who are strong and healthy. That means having a winning strategic project and cohesive teams, without their managers succumbing to the disease of power; and having agile structures, being client-focused and acting with a sense of responsibility for what happens around them.

Companies, along with families, are the foundation of our society. I want to build a better society for my children and grandchildren. That’s why I will always work to help create better companies and better families.

My life purpose is channeled into companies through the following services:


1Executive education classes

Academic work with executives requires being relevant, staying up to date, and knowing how to listen and debate. Teaching is a great way to learn. That’s why I feel like the more sessions that take place, the more well-rounded a professor becomes.

My life’s work has led me to become affiliated with academic institutions in many countries. In all these countries, people have been incredibly receptive to the ideas I present. I have been fortunate enough to find highly competent and motivated managers everywhere I have gone.



Ideas need a strong driving force to develop the right chemistry and take on different shapes. Books are an indispensable source of this. I thrive on books, so the least I can do is create new books, with my personality, so that other people may thrive on them. One of the greatest satisfactions in my life is when I hear a testimonial from someone I’ve never met about how useful some of my books were for them. 

3Offsites with management teams

Offsites are meetings held outside the office, usually lasting two days. My job is to create a mental and intellectual context that encourages participants to have a sincere, honest and relevant conversation about their company and its environment. There are two types of offsites. Their purpose is either to start something big or monitor the business overall.

“Start-up offsites” are about renewing the strategy, aligning the organizational structure with the strategy, improving teamwork and lateral coordination among the management team, strengthening the company culture, increasing the execution capacity of the key people in the organization, etc. These sessions are all about transformation, with a special focus on execution; their ultimate purpose is helping the management team learn how to identify and manage, proactively and constructively, the opportunities and challenges that arise from the changing markets they operate in.

“Follow-up offsites” arise from the conviction that management teams need to meet in this type of setting every three or four months to get out of the operational weeds. During these meetings, the team becomes more unified, they review their vision for the future, monitor the progress of key initiatives, and ultimately, build greater trust and mutual respect.



I assess organizational health, through in-depth interviews with the executives and key board members, where we identify the causes of the dysfunctions affecting the business. Based on this assessment, we get the board and management team to design a strategic action plan for revitalizing the business and the organization.

When needed, we take care of setting up the transformation office and get involved in the consulting projects required for the change process. The latter occurs in cases where the company does not have its own resources or wants to accelerate the process.


5Speaker and facilitator at business events

This consists of sessions ranging from 1-4 hours in length, with or without workshops, and sometimes includes leading and facilitating the entire event, which could span multiple days. In the latter case, I act as the emcee, introducing concepts and tools that are relevant to the audience.

The most common focus areas are business management, corporate governance, strategy, teamwork, self-leadership, people management, business models, innovation, optimism, leadership, transformation, internationalization, etc.


6Customized in-company sessions

With this service, we help a company’s executives deepen their knowledge of the chosen topics and translate that knowledge into actions that help their business run better.

The sessions can be face to face, lasting 1-5 days; or virtual: e-learning and 1-hour webinars from different modules over several weeks.


7Executive coaching

This service is aimed at the company’s executive team, the members of a management team and the families that run family businesses.

The executive coaching I offer is a process based on active listening, and using questions as triggers of new ideas and approaches to leadership that should be used across the organization. In this process, the participant has direct access to a “coach and business expert” with whom to discuss their ambitions, inquiries, challenges and difficulties related to leadership.

This results in the “self-discovery” of new approaches and opportunities that improve their effectiveness and efficiency in both the short and long terms.

We believe that a good leader, aside from technical knowledge, needs to be a balanced person with a vision for the future, a good integrator of diversity and highly motivated by their work.

Coaching sessions are done individually. Occasionally the process might involve an entire team or the members of a family in order to achieve greater synchronicity.


8Member of boards of directors, advisory boards and boards of trustees

Working with boards of directors, advisory councils and boards of trustees, I provide companies with continued advice that helps improve the health of the governing bodies, the management team and the business overall.

Likewise, these institutions can benefit from me working on their behalf through my professional network.