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Luis Huete is well known in the field of international management. He plays numerous roles, including professor, consultant, facilitator, speaker, author and coach.

A professor at IESE Business School since 1982, throughout his nearly four decades in the profession he has worked as a consultant with senior management teams all around the world, in over 800 companies and more than 70 countries.

These days he spends much of his time facilitating offsites with management teams to revitalize their companies from the inside out. This usually involves rethinking the organizational strategy and increasing execution capacity. Better execution means analyzing structural changes, streamlining the mechanisms of coordination between areas, nurturing the corporate culture, updating management profiles, etc.

He holds a Law Degree, an MBA from IESE Business School and a DBA from Boston University. He was a Fulbright Scholar and his PhD dissertation on commercial banks’ services strategy received the Decision Science Institute’s award for the best dissertation of the year.

Luis is the author of twelve management books, including “Servicios y Beneficios”, “Construye tu sueño”, “Administración de Servicios” and “Clienting” and most recently “Liderar para el bien común” (2015) and “50 Líderes que hicieron historia” (2017).

He is a frequent contributor of articles for the business press.



He is a professor at IESE Business School since 1982 and has lectured in Harvard Business School’s Achieving Breakthrough Service and Advanced Management programs.

As a visiting lecturer, Luis has participated in advanced management programs at business schools such as ESE (Chile), IAE (Argentina), IPADE (Mexico), ISE (Brazil), PAD (Peru), IDE (Ecuador); Deusto Business SchooI, ISEM, Instituto Internacional San Telmo and Basque Culinary Center (Spain); ESMT (Germany), Timoney Leadership Institute (Ireland), AESE (Portugal) and Skolkovo (Russia); Human Capital Leadership Institute (Singapore), Mudra Institute of Communications (India), Hamayesh Farazan (Iran), Lagos Business School (Nigeria) among others.

He has also lectured at the corporate universities of Omnicom (USA), Bupa and OMG (UK), ISS (Denmark), Telefónica (Spain), Intercorp and Graña y Montero (Peru) etc.

He has worked as a researcher at Harvard Business School (1984-1987) developing scientific material and taking part in research projects.



Luis has worked as speaker, consultant and facilitator of senior management teams in over 800 companies across 70+ countries.

He has recently worked in the redesign of the strategy, structure and corporate culture of companies through the facilitation of offsite meetings with CEOs and Management Committees of companies such as: Almirall, Altia, Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco Caminos, Banesto, Campofrío, Cepsa, Cristian Lay, Enagas, ITP-Rolls Royce, Loewe, Luckia, Meliá, Neinver, Osborne, Pronovias, Repsol (Spain); ISS (Denmark), International House, OMG (UK), Rijk Zwaan, Randstad (Holland), Persgroup (Belgium), Luxxotica (Italy), Addeco (Switzerland), Top Farms (Poland) Luis Simoes, Sogrape (Portugal); Omnicom, Tricon, UTI (USA), Guard.me (Canada); Coca Cola, Femsa, Grupo Salinas, Oxxo, Palacio de Hierro, Telefónica (Mexico), Transactel (Guatemala), Graña y Montero, Grupo AJE, Grupo Breca (Peru), Larraín, Telefónica, Tricon (Chile), Banco Galicia, Tarjeta Naranja, Telefónica, VW (Argentina), Equivida, Indurama, Telefónica (Ecuador), ASSA, Copa, Femsa Kof, Indesa, Sab Miller (Panama), O Estado de Sao Paolo, O Globo y Telesp (Brazil), Coca-Cola, Colombina (Colombia), Grupo Monge (Costa Rica), Nissan (Latam); Epikurean Lifestyle, Six Senses Resorts (Thailand), CEMEX, Femsa Coca Cola, LH Parangon (Philippines); Deloitte (Australia); Kangra (SouthAfrica), etc.

He is the founder of Huete&co, a platform of more than 20 independent professionals serving companies with comprehensive consulting and training services. The platform is a catalyst for creating synergies and symbiosis with its partners to leverage knowledge and further their businesses.


Board member

Luis is co-founder of Instituto Gobernanza y Sociedad, which promotes good corporate governance practices and the symbiosis between business and society. The institute comprises leading professionals from business, law and politics.

Vice-Chancellor and Treasurer of the International Academy of Management and member of the Board of companies such as Epikurean Resorts and Lifestyles in Thailand and Altia Consultores in Spain. He previously served on the boards of companies such as Six Senses Resorts & Spas (Thailand), Corporación Financiera Arco and PortAventura (Spain), etc.

He also belongs to the Advisory Board of Regent Leadership (UK), IBS (Mexico), Chef Mario Sandoval (2 Michelin stars), Chef Jesus Sánchez (2 Michelin stars), Ocean Infraestractures, Genetracer, Cenador de Amós, Quirón Prevención, International Institute of Human Capital, and Lid Publishing (Spain).

In addition, he is a patron of the Modern Art Foundation NMAC and the Real Dreams Foundation (Spain).

He currently serves as brand ambassador for the luxury hotel chain Soneva (Maldives) and previously for Glenfiddich.


Coach and mentor

Luis also does individual coaching and mentoring with a select number of managers, about 6-8 a year. Often newly appointed managing directors or CEOs, Luis offers his support and experience to help them successfully navigate their professional challenges.