Events. January 2024

Some of the events I have on my calendar this month

Jan08 Mentoring session with a former executive of a multinational technology innovation company
Jan09 Academic session on people management in the Master of Industrial Engineering of Tecun – University of Navarra
Jan09 Radio interview in the program “RAI te orienta” of Canal Sur
Jan10 Mentoring session with the top manager of a retail company with global presence
Jan10 Coaching session with the global head of a strategic branding consulting firm
Jan11 Workshop with the management committee of a Portuguese renewable energies investment company
Jan12 Workshop with the management team of a Spanish bank
Jan16 Mentoring session with the head of a leading Spanish group in the dependency care business
Jan16 Attendance as member of the advisory board to the monthly meeting of Instituto de Gobernanza y Sociedad. Guest speaker: Manuel Bermejo, President of TFAB – The Family Advisory Board
Jan18 Offsite workshop with the management team of an investment platform
Jan19 Mentoring session with the general manager of a technical sports equipment company
Jan20 Talk for clients of a family-owned business
Jan23 Valladolid Participation in the advisory board of a family-owned company
Jan31 Workshop for executives organized by the corporate university of one of Peru’s main business groups