services provided to companies

My job is to infuse passion into the heart of companies, to give them a sense of purpose and to consolidate their end results. I help companies to thrive and become fully vital institutions. Companies have an enormous influence on our civilization.

Constant changes within markets force them into reinventing themselves continuously in a bid to preserve and consolidate their achievements. A thriving company can help to improve society.

A company is healthy and full of vitality when it meets at least these basic conditions:

1. Its management team is cohesive and uses a successful working methodology. The structure and dynamics of meetings is essential for effective teamwork.

2. There is clarity and focus in the company’s business plans for the future.

3. The communication of these future plans generates a sense of commitment and pulls strategy in all its employees.

4. Its people management systems are inherent to the future of the company.

The services I provide to the companies are focused on the key points above.More specifically, I deal with the following activities:

Off-site meetings with Management Committees 

Two types of off-site meetings are provided:  start-ups and follow-ups.

Start-ups take place outside the office and focus on “re-building” team work and lateral coordination between management committee members. These meetings serve to formulate “rethought” strategies for future planning and transformation processes.

Follow-up meetings arise from the conviction that management teams need regular off-site meetings to be able to work effectively. These meetings, which are held outside the office once every three months, provide the opportunity to evaluate and assess team work progress, market changes and sound results. The focus is on appraising the soundness of the company’s governance structure and its business growth. It is about team building, it is about learning and it is fun.


We provide the resources and methodology to design and carry out changes in company strategies and business models.   

We take charge of setting-up the transformation office during change processes and we implement consultancy projects for companies which do not dispose of the appropriate resources to do so themselves. We are experts at making the business model effective. 

Speaker and provider of business events

We provide sessions from 1 to 4 hours, with or without workshops. They may occasionally include organising and supervising the event from start to finish. Topics commonly deal with business management areas, corporate governance, strategy, teamwork, people management, business models, innovation, optimism, leadership, transformation and internationalization.

Customised seminars for companies

These seminars allow in-depth analysis of specific topics chosen by companies since they are organised in smaller groups and are usually conducted in the context of workshops. They may be on-site, lasting from 1 to 4 days or online with 1-hour webinars and e-learning of various modules over several weeks.

Coaching for the company’s senior management and team members or families

The programme is designed to improve professional and personal effectiveness and to rebalance vitality. Throughout six half-day on-site meetings and non- contact tutorials for the rest of the time, participants identify the best alternatives for the future. They determine those strategies and procedures most in line with the future vision of the company together with its objectives and values. And they devise a plan of action to monitor the whole process.

Coaching sessions are held individually. Occasionally the training process can be directed at a team as a whole or at the members of a family in order to achieve greater synchronicity.

Member of Management Boards, Advisory Councils and Committees of Honour

Through Management Boards, Advisory Councils and Committees of Honour, I can provide companies with constant assessment on matters of business and the appropriate running of governance organs, as well as on the performance of senior management teams.Likewise, I can provide companies with business contacts from my network of clients.