The first conference that I gave was in Ciudad de México around 1985, while in the midst of doing my PhD. It was thanks to Professor Joan Ginebra that I was able to give the conference, as he put me in touch with a mexican company.

I now normally participate from 100 to 150 times a year in business events such as kick-offs, off-sites, conventions, Steering Committee meetings, etc. In all I have been a part of over 2,500 events of this kind in more than 60 countries. The number of participants that I have had the opportunity to speak to is approximately 600,000; each day I’m closer to reaching a million!

Following are some of the events in which I have already taken part or in which I will participate soon. 

Global CEO program: A transformational journey

Conference on business models: Seminarium Chile.

Full-day seminar on Management Innovation: Think Tank APD.

Seminar on Clienting: ICEA.