September 4-6th. Mexico. Workshops with senior management of the largest Mexican chain of department stores.

September 12th. Lima, Peru. Workshops with senior management of the Peruvian division of a multinational mining company.

September 14th. Cadiz, Spain. Teaching sessions at the Instituto San Telmo program for UHY.

September 15th. Madrid, Spain. Unik(R) board members meeting.

September 21-22nd. Madrid, Spain. Off-site program with senior management of a leading energy company as part of a strategic planning accompaniment program.

September 23rd. Madrid, Spain. Teaching sessions at ISEM Fashion Business School.

September 26th. Porto, Portugal. Keynote speech at the annual managers meeting of a Portuguese winery.

September 26th. Porto, Portugal. Speech on Leadership at the inauguration of the new academic year at Porto Business School.

September 27th. Porto, Portugal. Speech on Customer Experience for awarded branch managers of a Spanish bank.

September 28th. Barcelona, Spain. Academic sessions at the XXI edition of the IESE Global Management Program for Telefonica.

September 29th. Bilbao, Spain. Keynote speech at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of a Spanish consultancy firm.